Setting up an appointment:

Thank you for your interest in my work.


 Please send an email to with the following information included:


-Your name and contact information


-A brief description of what you would like tattooed, including body placement and a rough estimate of size in inches.


-A straight on, well lit photo of the area to be tattooed, taken while you are standing in a natural, relaxed posture.


-General availability. I take appointments Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-6pm

-When booking an appointment, please indicate roughly how much time you would like to schedule

-Palm size tattoo or smaller (less than 2 hours)

-About 2 hours

-About 4 hours

-About 6 hours

-For large projects I like to book multiple sessions upfront with appointments once at least every 6 weeks. Every 4 weeks is preferred, and every 2-3 weeks is even better.


-When booking large projects please be prepared to follow through on keeping appointments until the tattoo is complete.  

-Once an appointment is set, all thats left to do is wait! I do not produce early sketches/drawings or expect to have much communication during the in-between. You will have my full focus and attention during your scheduled appointment. 


I appreciate your patience when waiting for a response!