It is very important to find the right tattooer for you and your project. Tattooers and shops all operate differently, and offer different services and results. The way that I work and the policies I keep are standard practices to ensure that I can offer my very best service and work to the people looking for it. 


Following are my policies and operating procedures and a brief explanation of why they are important to my process, along with a few noteworthy considerations regarding the process of getting and being tattooed.


Price Quotes and Budget


My rate is $150/Hour for time spent tattooing. There are two ways to determine the price of your tattoo.


-If you have a budget you are looking to work with, we can discuss your idea and budget and the options we have based on those things. If everything sounds good, we will set an appointment and I will create a design that fits your idea and suits the budget as discussed.


When we discuss your idea I will typically quote a range that the tattoo could fall into and advise you about going under or over this range. 


-The other way to price a tattoo is to do the tattoo as close to your desires as possible and price it based on the $150/Hour rate for time spent tattooing. Pricing this way means the cost of each session will be determined at the end of that session. 


For tattoos that will be completed in one session I will give a rough estimate of the time/cost.

For big projects that will span multiple sessions I will give a rough estimate of how many sessions it might take.

Rough estimates will be in a relatively large window as each tattoo is a totally unique experience and process, and it is impossible to quote a fair price before going through that process. 


I do not quote prices or give estimates over the phone or internet. 




Deposits are completely non-refundable. Taking deposits is a way of ensuring that the people who book time out of my schedule are fully prepared and committed to the process. This is important, and allows me to devote enough time and energy to each project so that I may offer my best work and service.


Before putting down a deposit please be sure that you have thought this decision through, have all the information you need, and are ready and confident to go through with the process as described. 

No early “draft” for custom tattoos


Custom tattoos take time to draw, and require the full trust and confidence of the client that the tattooer will be working in their best interest. 

I focus primarily on custom designs and set aside a lot of time to draw them as it is. To offer “early drafts” would require taking on less projects, spending more time drawing, and setting aside time for additional in person consultations, which would significantly increase the cost of each tattoo. 


If you want a custom tattoo, it is extremely important to research who you want designing and executing the tattoo. Once you have found an artist with a portfolio you love, find out how they consult/book and reach out to them to see if the way they work is compatible with your needs. 


If you want to sit with a design before committing it to skin, get a piece of flash! 


“Flash” designs are pre made tattoo designs that are meant to be taken and applied as tattoos. They can often be lightly adapted to suit you and your body. 

Many artists have personal “ready-to-go” designs available, flash sets they have assembled and repainted, or prints and books of designs that can be selected from. Additionally, you may seek out your own piece of flash to suit your taste, but make sure it is “flash” and not just a random image that may be someone else’s custom design, or a piece of original art not meant for appropriation as a tattoo.

Flash comes in all styles and subject matter and can be found in person, in print or on the internet.


If you are interested in finding a flash design I can offer some advice on finding and selecting a design.


Descriptions, images and reference


Once an appointment is booked I ask that my clients send me an email containing all of the information and reference material I need to prepare for their tattoo. This allows me to keep everything I need for all my clients in one convenient place. I ask for the following.


-Straight on, well lit picture of the area to be tattooed taken while standing in a relaxed natural posture. This will almost definitely require someone else taking the picture. I design tattoos on these pictures, so it is important that it is functional for this purpose. 


-A brief recap of the idea discussed including budget.


-Any visual reference material discussed.

Once you have an appointment

Once we have consulted and set up an appointment, all thats left to do is wait! If you have questions or concerns please reach out, but in general everything should be covered by the time an appointment is made. 

I give each project my full attention as they come up, and I greatly appreciate everyones patience so that I can put that kind of focus and energy into all of my tattoos. Your appointment is your time, and I will do what I can to make sure the design is perfect before its applied as a tattoo.

Do not hesitate to ask for changes, but please understand that extensive revisions could require rescheduling.


A note on trust


I tattoo because it is something I am passionate about. My primary concerns are the experience and satisfaction of the client, and the quality of the work I produce. 

Juggling these two imperatives requires the trust and confidence of my clients. When someone books an appointment with me I expect that they have done some research and based on that research trust me to operate in their best interest, putting forth my best effort, giving my best advice and utilizing my accumulated experience, knowledge and skill in their service. 


If you feel unsure about your idea, or that our interests are not aligned, please spend some time clarifying these thoughts before initiating the tattoo process.


I am always happy to give my best advice! I want you to have a tattoo you love, regardless of who does it or how you get it.


A note on risk


Tattooing is a permanent and invasive body modification.

By breaking your skin and introducing foreign material (pigment) you open yourself to risks like infection, scarring, and other unforeseen consequences of the damage and healing process.

By permanently marking your skin you open yourself to the risk of not liking the tattoo now or in the future, closing doors on social and business opportunities, facing judgement or discrimination and other unforeseen consequences/regrets.


These complications can arise regardless of cleanliness, care, ideal conditions and best intentions.


I cannot accept responsibility for any unintended consequences or regrets that arise from you seeking out and following through on this procedure. 

I do everything I can to offer a safe, clean, high quality custom service. It is up to you to do your research and make informed, thoughful decisions for your life and body.


If you experience an infection, a bad heal, or any other problem it is extremely important to contact the tattooer who did the tattoo and let them know exactly what happened as quickly as possible. 


Time and healed tattoos


Skin changes and over time the tattoo will dull, blur and fade as the pigment spreads in your skin and is absorbed by your body. This can happen uniformly, or in some areas more dramatically than others. Additionally, UV light breaks down the pigment that forms your tattoo, and causes accelerated aging effects.


Tattoos are not perfect, and they do not only exist in pictures on the internet. Finding and asking about aged tattoos in real life, doing research on the internet and looking at pictures of the aging process will help create a realistic expectation for the long term reality of being tattooed.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the information on this page!

My hope is that it will help you as you navigate the tattoo process and get a tattoo that you love.

If you feel it was unhelpful or is missing anything please reach out by email with your concerns or questions.

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