The shop is located at 438 N Queen St. Lancaster PA, 17603, Suite 200


To access the shop enter through the front door. Walk towards "Decades", and then into the stairwell on your right marked "Emergency Exit".

Walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor, through the door and down the hallway.



-I take a non-refundable payment to secure your appointment.

-This payment goes towards the total cost of your tattoo.

-It is subtracted from the cost of the session in which the tattoo is completed.

-There is no circumstance under which this payment would be refunded.

-This payment can be taken via PayPal, or over the phone.

-$100 will be deducted from this payment and a new payment may be required to reschedule in the event of a no call/no show, reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, or rescheduling more than 3 times.



-Convenient parking can be found next door in the North Queen Street Garage at 424 N Queen St. Lancaster, PA 17603