Before your appointment

-When you come in for your appointment you should be well rested, fed, hydrated and clean.

Treating your body well before and after your appointment will make getting tattooed and healing much easier.

-If you will be sitting for a long time, it is adviseable to bring water and a small snack like trail mix to keep your energy and blood sugar up.

-Avoid caffeine right before your appointment

-Getting tattooed when you have a hangover is not fun. Fair warning.




Aftercare is a very important part of the tattoo process.


You will need:

-Anti-Bacterial Soap (scent-free)

-A&D Ointment or Aquaphor Ointment

-Scent-free lotion

-Clean Paper towels


Leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours.

The first 2 hours are when you are most susceptible to infection.

After 2 hours you may remove the bandage and immediately clean the tattoo.


To clean your tattoo:

-Wash your hands

-Gently clean the tattoo with warm water and the anti-bacterial soap

-Be sure to clean off any fluid that has seeped from your tattoo

-Pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel

-Air out tattoo for 15-20 minutes

-Apply a thin coat of the ointment to tattoo


Clean your tattoo 2-3 times a day as needed until peeling/flaking begins.


When the tattoo starts to peel/flake you will stop the cleaning routine and start to apply a small amount of scent-free/fragrance-free lotion a few times a day as needed.


Allow your tattoo to peel naturally.


DO NOT pick, scratch, rub, scrub, soak or do anything abrasive to your tattoo.

Be gentle and mindful with your new tattoo.

Be patient and gentle with your healing tattoo.


Avoid sun exposure and submersion in water for 2 weeks or until peeling/flaking is finished.

If your tattoo was bandaged with Tegaderm or similar product: :


Leave it on for up to 48 hours, as long as it is comfortable for you to do so. After this time remove the bandage (I recommend doing this in a warm, steamed shower) and resume normal after care procedures.


For the longevity of your tattoo:

Apply a moisturizer to the tattooed skin regularly and use sunblock

anytime the tattoo will be exposed to the sun.

UV exposure will significantly fade and age your tattoo over time.


Symptoms of an infection can include:

Excessive redness/irritation, swelling, fever, excessive pain and discharge.

If you believe your tattoo may be infected, seek medical attention immediately and inform your tattooer as soon as possible.